Born and raised in Rhode Island, Nick grew up in a family of small business owners —

from his great-grandparents who immigrated to Federal Hill from Italy to his dad, who owned a jewelry store in Warwick.

Early on, Nick learned the value of hard work and giving back. But when the economy started to turn sour and the jewelry store could no longer support his family, Nick also learned first hand just how fragile the middle class in our country had become.

After experiencing having the rug pulled out from under his family, Nick dedicated his life to fighting for a better future where no kid growing up in Rhode Island has to leave our state to find a good job and build a family.

Growing up, Nick would ride the RIPTA bus from LaSalle Academy to the State House to work as a page in the Rhode Island House of Representatives and spent his summers on the water – the same beaches where he and his husband Eric now take their dogs on walks.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, Nick came home to work as a senior aide on Governor Gina Raimondo’s Commerce team. There, he helped rebuild Rhode Island after years of decline, building coalitions to tackle some of Rhode Island’s toughest challenges.

He went on to help lead the Sustainable Markets Initiative, founded to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and a sustainable future. From the depths of the pandemic at his home in Providence, Nick and his team built the SMI into one of the world’s largest alliances dedicated to bringing leaders across the private sector, government and civil society together to create bold new solutions to the climate and sustainability crisis.

In both the public and the private sector, Nick proved he could get big things done — and right now, Rhode Island and our nation needs a new generation of leaders who can do big things for us.

Nick knows that what we need most is a leader who understands our community, understands what’s at stake for our country, and is ready to fight for the future Rhode Islanders deserve. As a gay Rhode Islander, Nick knows what it’s like to grow up with the deck stacked against you and will fight for a better future for all Rhode Islanders.

As our member of Congress, Nick will fight to lower costs for Rhode Island families, fight back against the rising tide of extremism and defend our democracy, continue his work to build a clean energy future that protects the planet and creates thousands of jobs for Rhode Islanders, and continue Congressman Cicilline’s tireless advocacy for equality, gun control and protecting a woman’s right to choose.

Rhode Island and our country face great threats, but with dynamic leaders like Nick we can turn crisis into opportunity for Rhode Island families and win the fight for our future, together.

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This grassroots campaign is relying on the support of voters like you to help Nick get to work on behalf of District 1.

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Show your support.

This grassroots campaign is relying on the support of voters like you to help Nick get to work on behalf of District 1.